Simple, quick, secure, and fully featured

MRView allows you to create, conduct and observe interviews anywhere, at any time.

Observation space; watch without influencing

Our video conferencing has been developed with customer interviews in mind. A proprietary meeting room allows for clients to observe interviews without being able to interact directly with the participants. A chat function permits private interactions with the moderators conducting the interviews and the translators, while backroom observers are free to discuss the research confidentially.

Real time translation, crossing borders for insight and data

Fast and flawless simultaneous translations enable you to conduct one-to one or group meetings with customers anywhere in the world.  This support, in multiple languages, ensure project consistency across geographies. Each observer can watch the research live in either native language or translated – and still interact with other observers live.

Customise your meeting room

The portal, participant invites, and meeting rooms can be personalised using your own colours and bespoke branding to make participants feel at ease.

Client portal

Our intuitive customer portal allows you to easily manage all your MRView projects.  From within the portal, you can seamlessly schedule one-to one interviews or discussion groups and the participants are informed and reminded automatically.

Hierarchy of support available

We offer different levels of project support. From just utilising the software, to combining this with translations, real-time transcription and report creation to guarantee the success of your study.

Seamless conferencing in our online meeting rooms

There is no need for downloads or plug-ins, as this is a browser-based platform. The conferencing facility supports high-definition video streams and is easy to utilise.  You can choose picture-in-picture or split-screen layout and stimulus, such as images, files and videos can be shared during live chat. There are moderator controls to disable camera, mute microphone and end the meeting.

Market Research has evolved. MRView helps you adapt and communicate with respondents and clients alike, at a fraction of the effort and cost.

MRView is a new way of doing things. By eliminating geographic barriers and travel we offer you an innovative way of conducting your research and connecting to participants, with increased convenience, simplicity and security.

MRView is a browser-based platform that allows you to conduct both group discussions and one-to-one interviews in a safe and secure environment. Translators can join the interviews to provide simultaneous translation, effortlessly connecting you and your customers directly to the research wherever you are in the world.

Secure meetings, complete confidentiality

MRView has been developed with all current regulatory and ethical practices in mind. Participant details are kept confidential, personal information is hidden, and recordings are stored securely. Webcams can be disabled by you for each participant to prevent potential breaches. Direct meeting links can be provided to 3rd parties, such as recruitment agencies, to share with participants so that the system has no record of any personal information. Participant display names are created and controlled by you to always ensure anonymity.

Browser based so no more plug-ins, installations or firewalls to stop your research from happening.

By using a browser-based platform, we simplify the process of conducting your research. No more installs mean no more complications; no firewalls preventing access, no permissions required for the end user to install plug ins, no compatibility issues, no tech checks.  If you can browse the internet you can take part in MRView held research. It also makes creating, and conducting interviews quick and hassle free, both for you and your participants.