Why MRView?

MRView can help to transform the way you and your clients interact with customers. Our platform will make it easier, more enjoyable and more efficient to carry out qualitative research activities. When you know that you are using an industry best practice tool and your clients are receiving unprecedented insights, everybody wins.

The best for value and return on investment

We offer cost-effective project based or long-term subscriptions that are mutually beneficial for both you and your clients.  Ongoing updates and developments to MRView are included so that your research costs are future-proofed.

Custom Branding

We offer white-labelling which gives you the chance to boost the visibility of your own brand – giving the technology an aesthetic flourish that you can be proud to use with participants and clients alike.

GDPR and other privacy regulation compliant

MRView is a proprietary platform that protects all data to the security and compliance standards demanded by the most highly regulated industries globally.

No downloads or plugins

MRView connects via a secure website with no software to download or plugins to install, eliminating any connections delays while updates install or apps load.

If you need something scalable, easy to manage and user-friendly MRView is perfectly matched to all your needs.

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